What is the Natural Beauty Method Philosophy?

The Natural Beauty Method concept came from years of me admiring women that aged gracefully. They didn't wear a lot of makeup and they took care themselves. They were not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. These women are kind, generous and above all are wise. The Natural Beauty Method is broken up into 3 Pillars:

  1. Simplify Your Life: Let go of perfection know that your day may not go perfectly planned. 
    • Declutter: Get rid of your stuff all that is holding you back from achieving your goals like diet books, workout DVDs, old clothes, and any extra junk.
    • Set flexible goals: Create simple goals that are attainable and be flexible if you can't achieve it at the date you set of if you need to modify your steps in order to get there. Remember, tomorrow is another day to start again.
    • Grace Not Perfection: Know that no matter how well you plan out your day, allow for mistakes and things not to go as planned. Give yourself grace and know that tomorrow is another day!
  2. Eating for Beauty and Strength: Beauty and strength begins when you nourish your gut.
    • Eat Whole Foods: Purchase real foods that are single ingredient foods like rice, apples, eggplant, etc and make nutritious meals out of it. 
    • Eat for Pleasure: I love pasta and pizza. And eating healthy doesn't mean giving up those foods. It's learning to eat them only on special occasions or learning how to make them with real whole food ingredients. 
    • Listen to Your Body: Eat when you're hungry and stop eating when you're full or stop eating foods that make you sick. 
  3. Treasure Yourself: Make yourself a priority. This is not selfish. This is healthy.
    • Love and respect the body you were born with. This includes shape, height and skin tone. Make healthy choices to preserve your beauty and not damage it.
    • Exercise for Your Shape: find an exercise that makes you want to workout. Include cardio, strength training and yoga/stretch into your routine
    • Empower yourself: Grow confidence and strength from within.

When you apply these simple principles into your life, your life will become simpler. Although not everyday will go as planned, everyday will be another chance to do things better. In turn you will be happier, confident and above all healthier. 

Ready to get started?

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Mirley Guerra Graf is a Health Coach who focuses on embracing your natural beauty. She is dedicated to helping women create long lasting healthy habits that will help her feel confident and beautiful. 

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