Why do you want to improve your eating habits?

Eating for beauty and strength can seen challenging when it's all new to you. However, one must focus on your why.

  • Why do you want to eat for beauty and strength?
  • Why do you want to eat healthy?
  • Who are you making this change for?

Answer all of these questions honestly. When you answer these questions honestly, making the change will still be challenging but will have a purpose, which will keep you going. 

I know when I started making the change to stop eating bags of Doritos, it was not easy. I started by not keeping bags of chips at home. I gave myself permission to eat Doritos at social events. This allowed me to wean off of this bad habit in a healthy and respectful way. I say respectful because my body would only want more had I taken it all away at once. 

Try this simple tip when you are making eating for beauty and strength a habit. Choose one food that you know isn't good for you and slowly cut it out. 

Then choose one meal that you want to focus on improving. Don't improve all meals at once. That is just overwhelming and can lead to failure fairly quickly. 

This week is about giving you a glance at what living a healthy lifestyle is all about.

xo Mirley

P.S. Focus on improving your breakfast this week. The breakfast guide for this week is pretty simple to accomplish.

3 Simple Steps to Meal Planning

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Meal planning is something that I've learned to do over time. It didn't come naturally to me and sometimes I still lag it. 

Anyway, meal planning is actually pretty simple. In this blog, I'm going to teach you how to meal in a very simple way. 

Step 1: Give Each Day of the Week a Theme
For example you can give each day of the week a theme like the ones below...

  • Sunday: Fancy Meals (i.e. lasagna, enchiladas, meals that take a long time to make)
  • Monday: Italian or Asian meals
  • Tuesday: Latin Nights
  • Wednesday: Leftovers
  • Thursday: Soup & Wraps/Sandwiches
  • Friday: Homemade Fast Food
  • Saturday: Eat Out

For breakfast, pick out one set of greens and fruits to put in your green smoothie and one entree to have the whole week like oat meal.

For lunch, pick out one wrap and salad and just have that the whole week.

Choosing one meal for breakfast and lunch will save you time and money.

Step 2: Choose a Meal

Now that you have a theme, choose a meal. Do this by going to the grocery store specials of the week to decide your meals. This way you can purchase items that are on sale. This will make your meals less expensive and still have good nutritional value.

Step 3: Grocery Shopping

Now that you know what you're going to eat throughout the week, make a grocery list. Again, go for what's on sale. This helps keep more money in your pocket. Stick to your list and go when you're not hungry so you aren't tempted to purchase unnecessary items. 

Now that we have that covered, meal planning should be a lot easier. 

xo Mirley

P.S. Reply to this email and let me know how your shopping went this week. 

How will the 7 Day Reset benefit my body?


Hi Beauty!

I'm really happy that you've chosen to reset your body. There are several reasons why making a habit to eat healthy everyday will benefit you.

You won't be drinking only juices. Instead you'll be eating delicious foods that will fill you up as well as nourish and clean out your body. 

Eating nutritious foods is the best way to clean out your body daily and creating healthy habits that will build your beauty and strength from the inside out.

The 7 Day Reset will... 

  1. elevate your mood and give your body and mind energy and ability to focus.
  2. decrease cravings because you'll be consuming delicious fruits and veggies that contain a lot of fiber. 
  3. reduce bloat and remove toxins from your body that may be contributing to weight gain. 
  4. allow you to sleep better. 
  5. give you glowing, healthy and supple skin.

Lastly, some words of wisdom...don't pressure yourself, for this will only build stress and defeat the purpose of the reset. Take the reset one day at a time and even just one meal at a time until the Natural Beauty Method becomes a habit.

xo Mirley

P.S. Remember, the reset is about respecting your body and listening to it's needs. For when you love your body, your body loves you back.

6 Benefits to Making Green Smoothies a Part of Your Daily Routine

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Green smoothies has become a trend that, I believe, is here to stay. There are all kinds of green smoothies and all kinds of formulas. Committing to drinking green smoothies daily is a lifestyle change. It's not meant to be a temporary fix but a part of your daily routine. 

Green smoothies are easy to make. You just get some greens, a tablespoon of lemon and some fruit. And voila! You have a delicious, nutrient filled drink!

Here are the benefits of drinking a daily green smoothie

  1. Green smoothies help increase your energy. The fruit in the smoothie gives you sugar and breaking down the food in the blender helps your body absorb those nutrients faster.
  2. Green smoothies give you glowing skin. The greens in the smoothie helps clean out your system from toxins. These toxins clog your pores and ages you. The chlorophyll replenishes your skin giving it a healthy glow.
  3. Green smoothies give you clarity. The fiber in the fruits and leafy greens gives you energy and the ability to focus. This helps a lot with getting rid of brain fog. 
  4. Green smoothies help strengthen your immune system. The fruits and leafy greens in your green smoothies contain vitamins K, A, C, all which helps you fight viruses and infections. 
  5. Green smoothies help give you regular bowel movements. Having regular bowel movements is very important to help you flush out toxins that are giving you acne and unnecessary weight gain. 
  6. Green smoothies help you lose weight. When you drink green smoothies, you're body automatically stops craving "fun" food. You will still eat "fun" food but not regularly like in the past. Furthermore, green smoothies are filled with fiber and healthy fats that keep you full and energized while reducing cravings. 

Make green smoothies a part of your daily morning routine and see how your body will change and improve.

Mirley xo

P.S. Leave me a comment below about your thoughts on drinking green smoothies. 


Hansard, Jen, and Jadah Sellner. Simple Green Smoothies: 100 Tasty Recipes to Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Feel Great in Your Body. Rodale, 2016.

Moving Forward in the New Year.

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It's New Year's Eve and there's so much to look forward to in the new year! Every year people look back at their year with and are either happy with their accomplishments or disappointed at their failures. And every year people talk about their new year's resolutions. This year, however, I want to challenge you to do something beyond new years resolutions for New Year's. 

This morning, the pastor of the church I attend talked about moving forward and letting things go. You see many times we make a point of making all kinds of goals, which are well intended but we don't actually stop doing things that keep us from reaching those goals. 

For example, if we want to lose weight, we go to the gym, hire a trainer and workout. However, we don't adjust our eating habits, we don't go to the gym on our own and we don't put in the extra effort. How are we going to reach our goal, if we haven't stopped our bad habits? And if we go deeper, we aren't letting go of whatever is bothering us inside that keeps us from reaching our goals.

The year, I want you to look back at 2017 and answer the following questions so you can make the most of 2018. For an even bigger challenge, make answering these questions a yearly New Year's Eve. 

  1. What is one thing you did this year that you are super proud of? Write it down and share it with those around you tonight. 
  2. What is a mistake you made and what did you learn from it? Write it down and share it with those around you tonight. 
  3. What/who is holding you back? How are you going to let go of these bad habits/memories/relationships in order to make space for positivity in the new year? This is private and you don't need to share this. Write it down and now shred the paper or burn it. This symbolic way of letting go is extremely powerful.
  4. What or who are you going to make room for this new year? How do you plan on spending more time on this person/s or projects? Write it down and share it with those around you.

Lastly, write down 3-5 things you want to accomplish in the following year. Don't worry if you don't accomplish them this year. Remember, some dreams and goals take years to make a reality.

Doing this simple ritual can be a lot of fun and does make an impact on where you're going in the new year. I hope you have a fun night.

Happy New Year's and to new beginnings!

Mirley xo

How to make a quality breakfast


Breakfast is the first meal of the day. Many people call it the most important meal of the day. However, just to be clear, every meal is important.

How I put my breakfast together is very simple. I make myself a 32oz green smoothie followed by polenta, store bought waffles, pancakes or egg and toast. No matter what though, I always begin with a green smoothie. 

I learned to incorporate green smoothies into my diet after reading the book The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder. Incorporating greens into your diet helps you clean out your system from toxins in your blood stream as well as delivery wonderful nutrients that help your skin glow and maintain its youth. 

What's great about the way I make my green smoothies is that they're delicious! They seriously don't taste like anything you're imagining and they're really refreshing! To get the green smoothie recipe, go to this link

Start drinking a green smoothie before your meal and see how your skin and body change! Don't be surprised if you can only drink a green smoothie. There is so much food in it that it may just fill you up. However, if it doesn't, then feel free to a small meal after it. 

Gratitude Jar

I recently learned about the Gratitude Jar. The purpose of the jar is to give thanks as a family everyday after dinner or at a time when you're all together and then read them on Thanksgiving. 

Giving thanks is a beautiful way of focusing on all the good that happens to us everyday. Even when things are at the darkest learning to give thanks for our blessings helps us to release stress, anger, sadness, depressions, which ages us in an unhealthy way. 

You can either find a pretty jar and use that as your Thanksgiving Jar or find a mason jar and decorate it as you see fit. 

Another tip is make this a family tradition. You can do this every November or you can do this every month. Giving thanks is a great way to live in the present and enjoy life to the fullest. 

EveryGirl Takes Action

Find a jar or decorate a jar and decorate it. Then every night write down what you're thankful for on a piece of paper and read them out loud on Thanksgiving or at the end of month. 

One way to save on groceries

Blog (5).png

So as I'm doing research for my upcoming book The Natural Beauty Method: Eat Clean Guide, I'm learning new ways on how to save money on healthy foods. In fact, one of the chapters in the book is called Healthy Meals on a Budget. 

Anyway, I want to share with you one of the ways to save money today! When it comes to dry goods, crackers and pasta, I go to Thrive Market. Thrive Market is a great place to find brands just like the ones you find at Whole Foods for seriously 1/2 the price!

What's great about Thrive Market is that all the food is delivered to your house! I personally buy all of my groceries there only once a month. 

The reason why I purchase food only once a month there is that I end up spending less money than when I make weekly purchases. So buy once a month keeps me on track. 

To start saving on groceries, go to the link below and shop today!


Eating Healthy Doesn't Have to Taste Dull

I love to eat! Don't you?!

I love the smell of different foods and spices cooking. I love the sound of pots and pans in the kitchen. I love the sounds of the food sizzling in the kitchen. 

Sadly, with all the pressure to look "perfect", whatever that means, many women have grown to dislike food or to eat loads of food that is full to toxic chemicals that only do us more harm. 

The trick is to eat real whole foods and as little processed foods as possible. This does mean getting into the kitchen, but it also means allowing your body to get into the shape and weight it's meant to be in. 

I have very little processed foods in my home. In fact I can name them: olive oil, condiments, bread, pasta, tortillas, chips and fig bars. Everything else I make. And yet, those products are made with real food ingredients. I avoid any processed or non-food ingredients. The reason that they don't do my body good.

If you listen and read your body, you will see that not everything you purchase is good for you...especially "foods" with ingredients that are not food. 

When you eat look for some signals that may indicate that what you're eating is not good for you.

  • Does your skin break out? 
  • Are you bloated?
  • Are you constipated?
  • Are you nauseous?
  • Are you lethargic?
  • Are you moody?

All of the answers to these questions can be first corrected by the foods or non-foods you're eating. If you do eliminate processed foods and continue to have problems I would talk to a nutritionist or dietician to find out if you have a food allergy and dermatologist if you continue to have skin issues. These professionals can and do help. 

Once you learn to listen to your body and enjoy real foods that come from the earth, you will see how much eating healthy isn't just a trend that you may be following but a yummy experience.

Beauty Detox Solution: Book Review


Who is this book for?
This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to eat plant based, learn to make morning green smoothies and stay alkaline.

Nutritional Perspective
Eating more plant based is preferable. Eating meat and other animal products can create toxicity in the blood, which will make you feel sluggish. 

5 Things I learned: 

  1. Drink a green smoothie every morning.
  2. 80% of your daily nutrition should be fruits, greens and vegetables.
  3. Eating healthy contributes to radiant skin, energy and less bloating. 
  4. Too much protein is bad for your body.
  5. Adopting a vegetarian/vegan life does not guarantee health.

Question I would like to ask Kimberly Snyder:
How can I incorporate my traditional foods into the Beauty Detox lifestyle?

My Ratings *****
I give this book 5 stars! Because of this book, I drink morning green smoothies daily and have become a much better vegetarian. The Beauty Detox Solution has changed my life for good!

We can learn so much about Natural Beauty from Nature


I love to take nature walks and hikes. It really depends on where I'm living.

Like when I lived in California, I mostly did natural walks and some hikes. The hikes I did weren't that intense. When I visit Washington State, I love to take nature walks. Their like hikes because you're in the forest but it's not that strenuous. When I lived in Hawaii, I did legitimate hikes. We went up hill, downhill and it was a lot of fun. I'm now living in Virginia and I haven't found any real hikes. Just beautiful nature walks. 

Regardless of what you do hikes or nature walks, you will always learn something about nature. Nature tends to evolve in three different ways, I have come to discover.

Posh Beauty Nature

This type of nature is the type that needs to be maintained. This is the type that we see in gardens and people's yards. This type of nature requires lots of maintenance in order to stay alive and to be beautiful. 

Like nature I see a lot of us women become like these beautiful gardens. Very made up and always looking perfect. I like to get all dolled up when I go out with husband to an event. However, it's not always sustainable for me. I'm busy and doing too much in the morning slows me down. 

It's great to get dolled up for special occasions. In fact, it's a good thing to do. However, don't feel the pressure to always look perfect. We have a lot on our plates and those moments are best to keep 

Everyday Beauty

The everyday beauty is like the spring blossoms. These are the wildflowers that grow in the country hillsides. They are beautiful. All they require is some good weather, water, good soil and sunlight. They are beautiful without a lot of maintenance and yet are still resilient. 

In many ways we can be like the everyday beauty of nature. However, even though it's a very natural look, it's not a neglected look. The everyday beauty eats whole foods, gets adequate amounts of sleep, exercises and uses safer skincare that brings out her natural glow. She showers everyday, brushes her teeth and makes herself a priority so that she can give the best version of herself to her family and friends.

Neglected Beauty

Every now and then, I'll drive by a field that looks like has been neglected. This field looks dry with lots of weeds. There's no color and it hasn't been given water in what looks like months! It looks tired and in need of a good makeover by a landscapers. 

Every now and then, we can become like the neglected beauty. We might not be getting enough sleep, we may not be exercising and eating well. All of these circumstances and or choices affect our look and glow. At this point we are not giving our bodies love and respect. Sometimes it's out of our control and other times it's because we're putting too much on our plates. 

We should only have neglected beauty moments. These moments are due to circumstances that may be bigger than us. However, there are still somethings that we can do to help ourselves look more presentable. We can eat healthy, we can take showers, we can exercise or go on walks. Neglecting ourselves isn't the answer. We want Grace NOT Perfection in our lives but we also want to Respect Our Bodies. 

Even during difficult times we can do this. 

EveryGirl Takes Action

Now it's your turn. What have you learned from nature? Have you every seen how we and nature are similar? How do you compare with the nature beauties I described?

Mirley xo

Eat for Beauty

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We've all heard the phrase "Eat for Health." Well at The EveryGirl Journal, I teach The Natural Beauty Method. The philosophy behind that is to eat for beauty. This includes inner and outer beauty. 

When your body is healthy on the inside, it will show on the outside. It's like I say, "When you love your body, your body loves you back."

I personally don't believe in counting calories and never have counted calories. It's too stressful and takes the fun out of eating. 

And yes eating is fun! There's no shame in enjoying meal time. There's a misconception that healthy food is bland. Now, I will admit that when you're used to eating heavy sweet and salty foods, which are not the best for you health wise, you may feel as though the food isn't tasty at first. However, there is a pallet adjustment period to less salt and sugar. 

That said, it doesn't take long and not only will you enjoy the food, your body will thank you and start adjusting itself to a healthy, ideal weight as well as glowing skin. 

Eating for beauty also includes, listening to your tummy when you're hungry. Don't ignore that noise and rumble. Doing so isn't good for your body and can lead to weight gaining and starvation.

Don't forget to stop when your body says it's full. When you continue to eat even when your tummy is full can lead to bloating, gas and if you're really over doing it, vomiting. 

Lastly, don't fall for diets! Diets don't last! Even if you were to purchase The Natural Beauty Method: Eat Clean Guide (coming soon) and only did it as a quick fix, your body will only bounce back. Yes some diets are not healthy and actually hurt your body more than help, particularly diets that promote lots of protein. However, if you choose to making eating healthy and balanced a lifestyle than 

Remember, the key is to listen to your body for hunger and fullness and eat health whole foods that have not been processed or had non-food ingredients added. This will help you get optimal health and beauty. 

Grace NOT Perfection

Principle #1 of the Natural Beauty Method is Grace NOT Perfection.

I read the book Grace NOT Perfection byEmily Ley and became inspired to make it a principle for my community. You see so many of us are hard on ourselves when we don't accomplish our goals on time. We beat ourselves up internally. It's completely unhealthy too. 

The idea and lesson behind Grace NOT Perfection is to live in the moment. Accept that there will be bumps in the road and learn from them. 

Don't obsess about eating perfectly all the time...I don't. Don't obsess about looking forever young. Aging is a part of life and there is a way to age gracefully to the point that you look beautiful at any age. Don't obsess about having a Pinterest perfect home, kids and family. Those things don't matter. 

Instead focus on making wonderful memories. Focus on how you deal and react with hard situations. Focus on how you treat people and is it coming from a genuine place. 

Even at those moments, we might still fall short of ourselves and must be willing to give ourselves grace. We are not perfect human beings and do pressure ourselves does not do us any good and like I said earlier, it's unhealthy. 

Try to take each day as it comes. If you overreact, apologize, forgive yourself and work on doing better next time. 

I know for me I pray for wisdom. I'm not a naturally calm person but I've had to train myself and even so, I still fall short at times. At those times, I again pray for wisdom when dealing with difficult situations. Trust me prayer works. Because when I'm lost, God always points me in the right direction by showing me a book that can help, talking to a wise friend, give me the right words to say or something that will help me in that situation. 

I hope this small lesson can teach you some skills to work on the next time you're feeling down, are hard on yourself or fell short of your expectations. 

Remember, that moment will pass and tomorrow is another day. 

xo Mirley

P.S. Let me know what you think about living a life of Grace NOT Perfection.

Hey Mirley, so...what do you eat?

All my life I've been asked this question, "Hey Mirley, so...what do you eat?" It's mind boggling to some people that I grew up not eating meat! My parents are vegetarians and my maternal grandparents were vegetarians too! This makes me a 3rd generation vegetarian!

My family always believed in health and nutrition. They make foods from scratch. Eating out was only left for special occasions like Mother's Day and birthdays. 

Even then, we ate vegetarian food. It was never something that was difficult for our family because we grew up that way. The idea of not getting enough protein was never a factor because we were all very healthy and active. 

That said, I have definitely incorporated new styles of eating that are different from when I grew up. However, the concept is still the same. Eat clean, eat fresh. 

I do eat out more often than when I was growing up but I still make a point of choosing healthier restaurants and healthier meals.

In the graph below, I've made a sample daily meal plan of how I eat on a regular basis.

Being a vegetarian isn't difficult, especially in our society.


Yuca (Cassava) for Inner Beauty

Food Spotlight.png

Yuca are a popular food in South America. I grew up eating and just love it. It has so much fiber you can actually feel it with your tongue. It's soft when boiled, crunch when baked and fried. It has comfort food feeling to it too. 

How does yuca benefit my health?

  • Improve circulation
  • Helps digetstion
  • Decreases birth defects
  • Great for muscle growth and development

Who should consume yuca?

  • Everybody can benefit from avocados unless you're allergic
  • Suffer from poor blood circulation
  • Anyone with high blood pressure

How will yuca improve my skin?

  • Healthy blood circulation helps one to look healthier and more vibrant

What are the best ways to consume yuca?

  • You can bake it, season it and eat it like french fries.
  • You can fry it, season it like french fries.
  • You can boil it. 
  • It's typically consumed with mean containing black or red beans. 

In the comments below, let me know how you use avocados. If you don't consume avocados, do you plan on doing so now? Let me know! 


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Why Natural Ingredients Doesn't Always Mean "Safer"

Recently, I saw a YouTube video about a garden in the United Kingdom that is filled with poisonous plants. All of the plants can cause some kind of harm and even death if ingested. 

The garden has become a tourist destination because of the different kind of plants in it. 

This made me think about how when we hear the word "Natural", we automatically think it's safe. I don't know why that is...maybe it's because we blindly trust cosmetic companies, but the fact of the matter is that the word "Natural" doesn't mean safe.

In today's vlog I'm going to talk about 4 NATURAL ingredients that are actually toxic and should NOT be in your skincare. 

  1. Petroleum: Petroleum is used a moisturizer and is linked to cancer. It can be found in baby products, cosmetics and skincare. Petroleum can be labeled as...
    • Petrolatum
    • Xylene
    • Toluene
    • Mineral oil
    • Liquid paraffin
  2. Lead: Lead is known to be carcinogenic but it can still be found in foundations and lipsticks. Lead is linked with miscarriages, infertility and cancer. Lead can be labeled as...
  3. Mercury: Mercury can be found in your cosmetics and it helps to lighten your skin. Mercury is highly toxic and is linked to cancer. Mercury is labeled as...

  4. Coal Tar: This ingredient can be found in dandruff shampoos, psoriasis shampoos and hair dyes. Coal Tar is high cargenogenic and should not be in your hair products. Coal Tar can be labeled as...

So again, just because something is labeled natural, that doesn't mean it's safe. Natural ingredients can be just as toxic just as the poisonous garden. It's very important that you educate yourself and understand what ingredients are being placed in your products. 

Your homework for this week is to throw out any products you have that may contain these ingredients and replace them with quality safe products.

Take Care!


P.S. Here's the video on the poisonous garden



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3 Benefits to Eating Outside

So, my husband and I bought a beautiful table for our balcony. I really wanted a table for our balcony because I love eating outside. Eating outside is just such a different experience than eating inside. 

I remember going to my grandparents house in Uruguay and eating outside often even during that awful winter. I loved every time we ate outside. It was as if everyone was happier and enjoying the moment more. 

Here are 3 reasons why I believe eating outside is so beneficial to you. 

  1. You Eat Slower: When we eat outside, we naturally eat slower. I don't know what it is...if it's the fresh air, the weather or the calm of the outdoors that allows us to eat slower. In fact, there have been moments when my husband said, "Let's eat inside, we don't have a lot of time." Now my husband and I eat slow but we eat even slower when we eat outside. 
  2. No Digital Distractions: What's great about eating outside is that we don't have distractions...unless you take your cell phone. For whatever reason, we just don't take our electronics outside. We actually talk about things rather than just stare at a screen. 
  3. You Stay Present: When we eat we are present. There is something about mother nature just keeping you grounded. There is so much to see when we eat outside. The trees, the sky, people walking...so much! This allows us to stay present, which is good practice for other moments of your life.

So, if you don't have an outdoor table, I totally encourage that you get one. Or if you don't have room go to a park or find a place to eat outside at least once a week. Your eating experience will change and you will enjoy your food more. 

Until next time!


Why Your Skincare Isn't Working

Recently I've talked to people about their skincare not working. The fact of the matter is that, there could be a number of reasons why your skincare isn't working. Everyone is different, everyone's skin is different and everyone's lifestyle is different. 

Below are 5 reasons + *Bonus* reason why your skincare may not be working.

Reason #1: The skincare you're using is not right for you.

This may be an easy answer to just say, "This skincare isn't right for me." Although that may be true let's explore why your skincare may not be right for you. 

Your skin may be allergic to some of the ingredients. Does you skincare contain toxic ingredients that is causing your skin to react? Even if your skincare is safe, clean skincare that has an evaluation of a 1-3 in the www.ewg.org/skindeep/ database, you may just be allergic to one of the ingredients. There is no one size fits all skincare

Reason #2: You're not feeding your body beauty foods.

Before you come to the conclusion that your skincare isn't for you, try examining what you're eating. Are you including lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet? Are you eating plenty of greens, berries and all the colors of the rainbows? 

The fact of the matter is that our skin reflects what is going on inside our body. Our body reflects what's happening to us based on the food we eat. We need to eat nutritious, healthy food that helps us flush out toxins, which in turn gives us glowing skin. 

These foods help our skin look young, plump and supple because of all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

We also need to consider not eating dairy and gluten. I know, this is hard...trust me after having read study after study after study I'm not coming to the conclusion that dairy and gluten are horrible for our skin. It causes a lot of inflammation and our body doesn't process it well, which is why we end getting gassy, bloated and acne, which in turn makes us look older too.

Reason #3: You're not getting enough sleep.

Have you ever noticed what your skin and face look like after not having good sleep. Our skin looks withered, we have bags under our eyes and we don't look don't look good.

Getting good sleep helps us stay looking fresh, young and happy, which makes us look younger. Make sure you're getting enough sleep as well as creating a good sleep ritual at night that will ensure a good night's rest. 

Reason #4: You're not drinking enough water.

I've personally noticed that when I don't drink enough water, my skin looks tired, dull and not as radiant. Water, has been argued is the most important nutrient your body needs. If we don't drink water for 3 days, we die. It's crucial that we drink plenty of water to help our body flush out toxins and give us glowing skin.

If you don't like plain water, there are definitely ways to give your water flavor. Try adding fruit, cucumber or mint to your water to give it flavor. Consider drinking herbal tea or drink coconut water. Coconut water is a great way to drink water with an extra boost of hydration, which again is great for your skin. 

Reason #5: You may be under some stress. 

Stress is a killer. Not only do we look haggard when we're stressed, we don't feel good and our body doesn't absorb the nutrients necessary to flush out toxins and give us glowing skin. Some of us eat too much when we're stressed and others of us don't eat enough. 

Stress makes us look old, tired...it seriously ages us. 

Lastly, I want to add that no matter what skincare we use, no matter how well we eat, sleep, drink water or how free we are from stress, we all age. It's kind of a scary part of life, especially when we're seeing it happen. 

Aging is a part of life and embracing it will help us to age gracefully. I know it's hard especially when we see Hollywood celebrities who are 70 look 40. It's like what are you doing and whatever you're doing, I want to do that too! But there is something nice about aging gracefully.

Just think about our grandmothers. I have two beautiful grandmothers that aged gracefully. Perfectly smooth skin was not a priority and yet they looked young, beautiful and there was a sense of wisdom that you could see in their age. 

Aging gracefully should be our goal. 

If you liked this vlog, share it and pin it please! 

Mirley xo

For smooth skin, eat Spanich

Spinach is one of my favorite leafy greens. I especially love it raw. I'm not a total fan of it cooked but I will still eat it anyway. I love it's crisp and fresh texture. It's virtually tasteless when it's raw. 

How do spinach benefit my health?

  • Spinach help people who have low iron.
  • Spinach is full of vitamins and minerals.
  • Spinach also has a good amount of protein. Remember Popeye?! 
  • It's very good for your eyes and liver
  • It also helps reduce inflammation

Who should consume avocados?

  • Everybody can benefit from spinach unless you're allergic
  • Anyone with low iron.
  • Anyone looking for an alternative to meat protein

How will avocados improve my skin?

  • Spinach contains vitamin A, which helps prevent wrinkles
  • It also contains antioxidant vitamins C and E
  • Spinach also helps fight free radicals 
  • It contains beauty minerals like manganese, calcium, magnesium and more
  • lots of fiber and protein 

What are the best ways to consume spinach?

  • You can eat in salad
  • You can eat it cooked, which helps you absorb some of the vitamins easier
  • You can eat it as part of smoothie
  • Also, make sure to add some type of vitamin C food like lemon or strawberries to help you absorbing the minerals

What are some spinach beauty products? 

  • There are no spinach beauty products but you can find great safe products with all the vitamins and minerals that spinach contain.

In the comments below, let me know how you use spinach. If you don't consume spinach, do you plan on doing so now? Let me know! 


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Toxic Ingredient #2: Mineral Oil & Petroleum

The never list.png


  • Mineral oil is comes from petroleum (A.K.A. petrolatum, petroleum jelly and paraffin oil)
  • Mineral oil is natural but NOT safe

What's so bad about MINERAL OIL & PETROLEUM in my beauty products?

  • Using products that contain petroleum derivatives can lead to cancer and direct skin contact should be avoided

What should I look for instead?

  • Choose products that contain coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, almond oil, avocado oil, argan oil etc. All of these oils provide moisturizing benefits without the risk of getting cancer. 


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Let me know in the comments below, do your products contain petroleum ingredients? What do you plan to do in the future now that you know the harmful consequences of having petroleum ingredients in your products?