Safer Skincare Spotlight: No. 1 Brightening Spa Set

Are you struggling with uneven skin tone? Do you want to get rid of those spots? Does you skin look dull and in need of a radiant boost?

Beautycounter just came out with this amazing new brightening skin set! This set is just one of three new sets that are meant to make your skin your young, spotless and plump. This collection contains a brightening oil, mask and mist. 

Why you'll love it: the mask is a gentle mask meant to reduce dark spots in a non-abrasive way. The mist refreshens your skin and the oil hydrates and moisturizes your skin. 

What's in it?: Each product in the brightening set is full of vitamin C complex to reawaken dull skin and give it brightness. It helps reduce dark spots for a more even skin tone. 

How I use it: I use the mist as my toner everyday, morning and night. I use the mask once week. You can use two to three times a week, depending on the sensitivity of your skin. I use the oil as a moisturizer or in combination with my serum.

Are you ready to have more even toned skin? Want to get your No. 1 Brightening Spa Set? Click on the link below and start shopping! Or leave me a comment below so that we can talk more about the benefits of using safer skincare.