How will the 7 Day Reset benefit my body?


Hi Beauty!

I'm really happy that you've chosen to reset your body. There are several reasons why making a habit to eat healthy everyday will benefit you.

You won't be drinking only juices. Instead you'll be eating delicious foods that will fill you up as well as nourish and clean out your body. 

Eating nutritious foods is the best way to clean out your body daily and creating healthy habits that will build your beauty and strength from the inside out.

The 7 Day Reset will... 

  1. elevate your mood and give your body and mind energy and ability to focus.
  2. decrease cravings because you'll be consuming delicious fruits and veggies that contain a lot of fiber. 
  3. reduce bloat and remove toxins from your body that may be contributing to weight gain. 
  4. allow you to sleep better. 
  5. give you glowing, healthy and supple skin.

Lastly, some words of wisdom...don't pressure yourself, for this will only build stress and defeat the purpose of the reset. Take the reset one day at a time and even just one meal at a time until the Natural Beauty Method becomes a habit.

xo Mirley

P.S. Remember, the reset is about respecting your body and listening to it's needs. For when you love your body, your body loves you back.