Why do you want to eat healthy?

Eating for beauty and strength can seen challenging when it's all new to you. However, one must focus on your why.

  • Why do you want to eat for beauty and strength?
  • Why do you want to eat healthy?
  • Who are you making this change for?

Answer all of these questions honestly. When you answer these questions honestly, making the change will still be challenging but will have a purpose, which will keep you going. 

I know when I started making the change to stop eating bags of Doritos, it was not easy. I started by not keeping bags of chips at home. I gave myself permission to eat Doritos at social events. This allowed me to wean off of this bad habit in a healthy and respectful way. I say respectful because my body would only want more had I taken it all away at once. 

Try this simple tip when you are making eating for beauty and strength a habit. Choose one food that you know isn't good for you and slowly cut it out. 

Then choose one meal that you want to focus on improving. Don't improve all meals at once. That is just overwhelming and can lead to failure fairly quickly. 

This week is about giving you a glance at what living a healthy lifestyle is all about.

xo Mirley

P.S. Focus on improving your breakfast this week. The breakfast guide for this week is pretty simple to accomplish.