7 Natural Beauty Daily Habits Check List


Your natural beauty is something that radiates when you smile, talk and and show that you care. It’s more than just your physical appearance. It’s an energy of self-confidence that everyone wants. It’s being genuine, which most people respect.

To achieve your full sense of natural beauty, you must apply certain habits in your life. Keep in mind that there are times when you will not be a good on these habits, but we’ll address that as well.

  1. Give Thanks: Life is so much better when you focus on the good. You see all your blessing and can’t help but smile. Even when things are low, one must always give thanks even for the little things that make us smile.

  2. Eat Whole Foods: When we eat whole foods, we are stronger and healthier. This gives us energy to accomplish the things we need to do and be there for our family and friends.

  3. Drink 70-75 oz of Water: Drinking water is a must. It is the most important nutrient in our body and for our body. When we drink water, we are able to flush out toxins. And our skin looks more supple when we do so.

  4. Listen to Your Body: You body gives you many signals. It tells you when you’re hungry and when you’re full. Respect those signals and your body will perform better and give you better health.

  5. Exercise 30 minutes: Everyday, you should move for about 30 minutes. Exercise helps flush out toxins, while helping build strength and energy. Find a workout program that you like and complete it.

  6. Use Safer Skincare: What we put on our body is just as important as what we put in our body. Any personal care product that contains harmful ingredients is not worth investing. Go to https://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ and see what ingredients are in your products and if it’s worth investing in.

  7. Give Yourself Grace: Everyday is a new day to improve ourselves and make a change. I really like the line Scarlet O’Hara says in Gone with the Wind, “I can’t think about that today, I’ll think about it tomorrow.” Sometimes we just need to let the mistake go and we can correct it when we are in a better zone. Things happen and everyday is a new day to do better.

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