Jar of Gratitude

I recently learned about the Gratitude Jar. The purpose of the jar is to give thanks as a family everyday after dinner or at a time when you're all together and then read them on Thanksgiving. 

Giving thanks is a beautiful way of focusing on all the good that happens to us everyday. Even when things are at the darkest learning to give thanks for our blessings helps us to release stress, anger, sadness, depressions, which ages us in an unhealthy way. 

You can either find a pretty jar and use that as your Thanksgiving Jar or find a mason jar and decorate it as you see fit. 

Another tip is make this a family tradition. You can do this every November or you can do this every month. Giving thanks is a great way to live in the present and enjoy life to the fullest. 

EveryGirl Takes Action

Find a jar or decorate a jar and decorate it. Then every night write down what you're thankful for on a piece of paper and read them out loud on Thanksgiving or at the end of month.