Grace NOT Perfection

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Principle #1 of the Natural Beauty Method is Grace NOT Perfection.

I read the book Grace NOT Perfection byEmily Ley and became inspired to make it a principle for my community. You see so many of us are hard on ourselves when we don't accomplish our goals on time. We beat ourselves up internally. It's completely unhealthy too. 

The idea and lesson behind Grace NOT Perfection is to live in the moment. Accept that there will be bumps in the road and learn from them. 

Don't obsess about eating perfectly all the time...I don't. Don't obsess about looking forever young. Aging is a part of life and there is a way to age gracefully to the point that you look beautiful at any age. Don't obsess about having a Pinterest perfect home, kids and family. Those things don't matter. 

Instead focus on making wonderful memories. Focus on how you deal and react with hard situations. Focus on how you treat people and is it coming from a genuine place. 

Even at those moments, we might still fall short of ourselves and must be willing to give ourselves grace. We are not perfect human beings and do pressure ourselves does not do us any good and like I said earlier, it's unhealthy. 

Try to take each day as it comes. If you overreact, apologize, forgive yourself and work on doing better next time. 

I know for me I pray for wisdom. I'm not a naturally calm person but I've had to train myself and even so, I still fall short at times. At those times, I again pray for wisdom when dealing with difficult situations. Trust me prayer works. Because when I'm lost, God always points me in the right direction by showing me a book that can help, talking to a wise friend, give me the right words to say or something that will help me in that situation. 

I hope this small lesson can teach you some skills to work on the next time you're feeling down, are hard on yourself or fell short of your expectations. 

Remember, that moment will pass and tomorrow is another day. 

xo Mirley

P.S. Let me know what you think about living a life of Grace NOT Perfection.