Live Confidently


Hi Beautiful, 

What does living with confidence look like? I see many articles talking about confidence showing the most beautiful girls, hair and makeup done and the most beautiful clothes. And although I do believe how you appear to the world is a window of confident you feel, it's also not everything. 

To be confident, you must have self-love and self-respect. I remember, I was not always the most confident person. I wanted to be but I wasn't. I was self-conscious. I was always comparing myself to other women. 

When I started to treat my body and myself with respect, I started to feel confident. My posture improved. I wasn't afraid of what people thought of me when I spoke my mind. I didn't start thinking about what others thought about me when I spoke my mind. Whether my opinion is popular or not, it is valid. 

My point is that when you treat yourself with respect, you are more confident. What's great is that you feel confident, you actually want others to feel the same. 

It's a beautiful cycle.

When you become confident, your life is simpler. It's easier to live in the present because you don't care about what others think. You know you're a good person and have only good to offer to this world.

Self-respect --> self-love --> confidence.