5 Tips for Gym Etiquette

Hi Beauty! 

Have you ever been to the gym and not been able to use a machine because someone was hogging it up?! 

Well that happened to me yesterday. I wasn't able to use a machine because someone was hogging it up! 

Due to that experience I decided to create this video. 

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Today we are going to be talking about gym etiquette. Yesterday, I went to the gym and I was a little turned off by the situation and it just bothered me because it forced me to waste time and that was completely unnecessary.

I went home and I looked up if there is was anything in gym etiquette and there are. There are various different people posting articles on gym etiquette and so I want to share with you my top five tips for having good manners in the gym so that you are respectful to others. And hopefully we could spread the respectfulness to everyone else.

My first rule is to wipe off.

When you’re in the gym, a lot of people sweat a lot, and they leave their sweat on the machines. This is disgusting. So it’s really important that you always take a towel, or they have paper towels, and just wipe it off. It’s just common courtesy to do so. Nobody wants to sit on your sweat, and you don’t want to be doing that to others either, so wipe off.

My Second tip--this is actually what got to me yesterday--is to not hog the machines.

Yesterday I was at the gym, and there was a man that had taken over two... He’s doing two workouts at the same time. Well, that is completely fine and I saw where his thought process was at. He just didn’t want to do the same workout at the same time.

That said, he could have actually shared the machine with me. We’re in a gym; this is not his private home. So, he was doing an oblique crunch so he had a way so he was crunching over to the side.

And then he had taken over the machine that was going to work on his thighs. I needed that machine; that was part of my workout yesterday. And it would have really easy for him to allow me to use the machine while he was doing his oblique crunch. That way I’m not wasting time and I am not really in his way. We’re just using the machine at the same time.

Anyway I asked him, “Oh, are you using this machine?“ as he was doing his oblique crunch. And he said, “Yes, I have my towel on it. I’m using the machine.” He went back to his Oblique crunch. That really bothered me because he was obviously not using the machine at that time, He could have let me use it while he was doing his oblique crunch.

Next time you’re at the gym, don’t hug on the machines. And if you are going to do something like that, just share and be like, “Yeah I’m doing this while I’m doing this, can you do that and just kind of save it for me?” because, yes, there is only one of those machines but he did not do that. And that’s when it really gets me.

The next tip is: Don’t be loud.

I’m sure many of us we probably have never done this but we all gone to the gym and we always hear that one person that was like “Ugh, Urg, Urg!” No one cares, we all can hear you. In fact, we don’t even know if you’re doing your workout right but we get it. You’re strong, you’re doing your thing.

We don’t want to hear you. That’s for TV entertainment, not permitted at the gym. Just don’t do that. If something is going to make you yell like that, you might need to bring down the weight just a little bit.

Also if you’re on your cellphone this really bothers people and they’re doing their thing and you get on the cellphone and you’re like, “Hey Toby! What’s up?” and you’re really loud and obnoxious. No one wants to hear that. No one cares about your conversation. Take it outside or ignore the call. If you must absolutely take it, just be courteous and tag it on the normal level. We don’t all want to hear the conversation, because people are talking to the gym all the time anyway. But sometimes when people get out to their phone, they lose their hearing and they just talk very loud.

My next tip is to please don’t spray these obnoxious perfumes or colognes.

Yes, you want to smell good. If you actually need to smell good because you are leaving the gym, you don’t want to smell all nasty. Go take a shower or you just put some extra deodorant but don’t spray your Chanel or don’t spray your Axe.

I had instances where when I was teaching, students would come in after they had PE and they had sprayed Axe. I had headaches, and I had horrible headaches. I asked them, “Please don’t, please don’t spray those stuff” and of course they would come back with a response with, “Do you want to smell it?” And I just, “No, you can put on your deodorant and you’re good, but don’t spray this. Like I had a headache, I can’t take this.”

If you’re in that situation where you just don’t want to smelly, either take a shower or put some deodorant. But don’t spray all about because there’s a lot of people with this kind of allergies that just can’t handle those smells. And we’re actually getting headaches from them.

My last tip is to put things back.

I’m sure you already knew that when you take something out you put it back. Just do that, if you have the way to or if you have five pounds dumbbells, don’t leave them on floor. Don’t leave them on the other side of the gym. Put them back where you found them.

It’s common courtesy; it helps keep the gym look clean. And it helps actually the people that are working at the gym, as well. It helps the people that are at the gym, when they’re looking for those dumbbells, they’re looking for that barbell weight, they’re looking for that other weight. They don’t have to scour the entire gym because it’s right there. People were decent enough to put it back.

If that’s you, if you are borrowing any equipment from the gym, put it back where you found it. It makes the gym look nice, and it’s just courteous to others.

Those are my five tips for gym etiquettes. I hope you liked this edition of Natural Beauty Fitness. And if you did, go ahead and subscribe. If you want to receive weekly workouts from me, make sure you that you hit the link at the bottom. And I would be sending weekly workouts to everyone that’s on the list. So with that, Have a good day and remember that when you love your body, your body loves you back.


Let me know below in the comments if you have ever had a similar experience happen to you and what other gym etiquette tips you might have for the community. 

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