She wanted to be Confident and Beautiful

Hi Beauties!

This message comes to you as a friend, as I recently learned about the death of mother of three beautiful children.

Like many of us women, she wanted to feel confident and beautiful and she believed the best way to do that was through stomach reduction, followed by a Mommy Makeover, (a tummy tuck and boob job). 

Five days after her Mommy Makeover surgery, she passed away from a blood clot. While not all women who undergo Mommy Makeovers have this fatal outcome, the risk is there.

The pressure of looking a "perfect" so we can feel beautiful is so intense that taking short cuts has become a resolution to being overweight or managing health concerns that may be resolved through healthy habits and efforts. What I believe we must strive for is better health and appreciation of our bodies and ourselves, NOT try and pass the impossible test of looking perfect.

Healthy looks different on everybody, and even more important, we must remember what our actions are teaching our children and young women.

Think of the women in your life who you love and admire, and the different qualities that make each of them beautiful. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Sofia Vergara and Sofia Loren all have different body types that are beautiful in different ways.

I can't help but think, and believe, that a tragedy such as this may have been avoided, if we and our daughters are taught to love ourselves instead and practice healthy habits rather than feel we must alter our bodies in ways that involve high risks, only to hold ourself to the impossible standards that social media promotes, which often leave us feeling empty inside.

I feel I can't not speak up as this event. It is important to embrace your natural body shape and find healthy, natural ways to take care of yourself so you feel fantastic and teach your children the same.

Mirley xo