How to declutter your life

Hi Beauty!

In the last week by coincidence I have been reading about decluttering. First in the my latest coaching program that I'm taking with Melissa Pharr, then in the book I'm reading Miracle Morning for Network Marketers and finally in my skin care's newsletter Spread the Light by Kora Organics

Yesterday, on my own I decided to clean the office and one of my closets. I didn't plan to clean them, I just did. It was as if my clutter had gotten to me and it was time to clean. Or was it that everything I had been reading got to my subconscious and I just had to declutter. Whatever the reason, I got rid of so much! Now I feel light and relaxed.

So what does this have to do with fitness?

When it comes to fitness people collect fitness equipment, videos, protein, eBook guides and much more. This is all in the hopes of motivating themselves to workout. This is not to mention the like of fan pages on social media, magazines, dusty old gym memberships and recipe books. 

However, it still seems like many of us are reaching our fitness goals!

The reason is clutter. When we have all of this stuff, our minds become cluttered and tired and they just don't know where to begin. 

I'm definitely guilty of cluttering. I especially clutter and collect when I'm not sure what I'm looking for. So I collect hoping something will inspire me but instead I get overwhelmed. 

This is what clutter does to you:

  • Stresses you out
  • Keeps you tired
  • Confuses you as to where to begin
  • Overwhelms you
  • Blocks your ability to move forward
  • Limits God or the universe from showing the way

What should I get rid of?

  • Workout videos you don't use
  • Workout equipment
  • Cancel your gym membership and use the workout videos
  • Fitness magazines
  • Recipe books

Take the Clutter Test

  • Does it fit who I am?
  • Do I get excited when I look at it?
  • Do I love it?
  • Is it useful? 
  • Is it necessary? 

What do I do with my old stuff?

  • Donate it
  • Sell it online (There are many sites like Amazon, Ebay, Criag's List and more)
  • Save it and use it!

What does decluttering do for me?

  • Makes me feel light
  • Allows me to breathe
  • Allows me to make clear decisions
  • Forces me to get back on track

I hope this helps you. Let me know of all the things you got rid of.