How to Create a Traveling Kitchen


Next week, my family and I will be off on an adventure to Virginia from California. We are going to drive there! 

My husband is going to be stationed there so we are all moving there. In an effort to eat healthy and save money on the trip, we are going to cook some of our meals. I'm not totally sure how we're going to do this but we are definitely going to try. 

I remember being little, my parents taking a portable electric stove, a pot and food for us to eat in the hotel room when we went out. I remember not being grateful for the fact that my parents were being health and money conscience. However, now that I'm older I really appreciate and am grateful to the lessons they were teaching us. 

So, now it's my turn to create healthy meals while being health conscience for my family.

I'm taking my vitamix, an electric stove and a small pot and pan. 

My plan is to make breakfast, lunch and snacks. Here is what's on my mind...

  • Breakfast: green smoothie with polenta, oatmeal or chia porridge
  • Snacks:  trail mix made by me
  • Lunch: tempeh burritos, veggie sandwiches, or veggie burritos and maybe soups

I can't say I know how this is going to turn out right now, but this is my plan. I'm looking forward to sharing with you my health and fitness journey as we travel across the country. 

Let me know in the comments below how have you made accommodations for your meals when you travel. 

Talk to ya soon!

xo Mirley