3 Reasons Why Joining a Workout Studio is a Great Idea

Hi Beauty!

During the month of February, my family and I moved from California to Virginia. We drove for three weeks and enjoyed getting to know the country and seeing so many museums, national parks, meeting new people and going to barre studios. 

Although I seriously love barre, I did not join a studio it because there were none in my town that included child care. On my trip, I learned that some barre studios come with child care, which makes it so much more awesome! 

I learned that going to barre studios is great for everyone because they are more intimate, you're more excited to workout, you get the appropriate attention while exercising and a great support community. So let me explain in further detail why joining a barre studio or any studio is so great to join. 

Barre studios or any other studio focus on one type of workout. This means that you become good at that exercise. The instructor changes the actual workout and challenges your body in many different ways but the type of workout is the same. This is great for anyone that has found their soulmate workout and doesn't care to do anything else. 

When you find a studio that fits your needs, you're more excited to workout. The fact is that when you find the workout that you love, that makes you look naturally beautiful, you're more excited to exercise and go to the studio. 

Lastly, the instructor cares about your fitness progress. Because the classes are smaller, the instructor gets to know you, correct your positions and guide you. It's almost like having a personal trainer but with a group of friends! 

It's seriously great! 

So, would you consider joining a workout studio? If so, which one? Let me know in the comments below! 

Mirley xo