How to Improve Your Meals without the Overwhelm

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Before I became a holistic nutrition specialist, I ate the way I ate without giving any thought to it. However, when I made the commitment to eat healthier, I became overwhelmed with all the different takes on eating healthy.

Part of it was because of all the different approaches to eating healthier but also it was because I was trying to change my habits way too fast. I wanted to improve breakfast, lunch and dinner all at the same time. Although I was making some improvements, trying to change all meals overwhelmed me and I wasn't going anywhere with it. 

It wasn't until I myself decided to change one meal at a time. My dinners were pretty good. I needed to breakfast and lunch. So I decided to start with breakfast, then lunch and finally snacks. The Natural Beauty Method follows a simple meal-by-meal makeover.

Start improving your breakfast or the meal you have the most difficulty eating healthy. Then move on to the next difficult meal. This way, you just focus on improving one meal and making a habit to eat that meal healthy even when you go out to eat. 

Don't worry if your other meals need improvement. Just focus on one meal and everything else will fall into place. Eating healthy will come easy once you tackle one meal. 

Once you've made a habit to eat healthy for breakfast, for example, then go on to your next difficult meal. 

You can also follow the Natural Beauty Method meal planning formula to help you come up with delicious meals. 

Download the PDF below and start improving your eating habits one meal-at-a-time. 

Mirley xo