How to Create Long Lasting Healthy Habits

The Natural Beauty Method way of eating is meant to help you create long lasting healthy habits. It's a formula to eat everyday without the stress of measuring your food and counting calories. The point is to create simply habits so that your life is easier, which in turn will make you healthy and happy. 

I personally eat like this everyday. I love how simple it is now to make a complete healthy breakfast and lunch, which I did have trouble before.

Although I was eating every meal, I don't think I was eating enough for breakfast and lunch because of how fast I was getting hungry. The foods I was eating weren't filled with fiber and proper nutrition so it's no wonder I was getting hungry so quickly.

Ever since I started eating the Natural Beauty Method way, I'm not hungry fast. I have more energy and clarity and my skin really does look better!

In my family we tend to have rosacea and eating the Natural Beauty Method way has helped calm my rosacea. My skin is smoother. Although I have not gotten rid of my rosacea, it will always be a part of me, at least my skin doesn't look irritated. 

This year, I'm releasing a book on how to help you create long lasting healthy habits but taking baby steps. Conquering your nutrition all at once can be very overwhelming and all it does is lead one to stop trying to create a healthier lifestyle. 

I really love this approach because it's the one that helped me get to where I'm at today. I wasn't able to change my poor eating habits all at once. I needed to do it once step at a time. Once I conquered breakfast, I was able to fix lunch. I couldn't do it all at once because it was too much for me. 

I invite you to take the challenge of changing your eating habits one meal at a time and see how easy it will be to have a healthy lifestyle that will build you beauty and strength and make you feel confident and beautiful. 

Because when you love your body, your body loves you back. 

Mirley xo