Simplify Your Kitchen


In January, I cleaned out my kitchen. It didn't take me one day, but a couple of days. I had a goal of getting rid of anything I didn't need. The thing is that my kitchen is small and everything I had was making it cluttered. I had duplicates of utensils and no room to put them. So cleaning up my kitchen was important. 

Clutter is stressful and keeps you from living in peace. I personally get annoyed easier if there is clutter in my house. It's like I can't breathe well. It's seriously annoying.

For this blog post, I want to challenge you to declutter you kitchen. Simplify it and organize it. Do the following steps to have a simplified kitchen. 

1. Take Inventory of Your Kitchen Essentials

Being by organizing your dishes, utensils, pots and pans. Get rid of any duplicates and broken items. Only keep what's essential like one set of dinnerware, pots and pans you use regularly and what you're able to fit into your cupboards. 

Also, get rid of all those cookbooks that you don't ever open. They're just taking up room and probably stressing you out even more because your food doesn't look like the ones in the pictures. Keep only the ones that you use on a regular basis.

2. Organize Your Pantry and Refrigerator

Next, look into your pantry and remove foods that have artificial flavors and coloring. These "foods" contain ingredients that are not food and that actually do more harm to your system than good. Also, go into your refrigerator and throw out any items that are expired and that also contain ingredients that are not food. 

3. Invest in Quality Kitchen Appliances

We don't need all of the fancy new, fun kitchen appliances that are invented every year. Most of those inventions are a waste of space and money. However, there are kitchen appliances that are worth investing in. These kitchen appliances do more than one thing.

I personally invested in a Vitamix and a Nutramilk. The Vitamix makes smoothies, soups and even bread! The Nutramilk makes almond milk, cashew and walnut milk! It's really an awesome kitchen essential to have. It even makes spreads! I absolutely love both of my kitchen essentials, they do so much for us and they're a great money saver too.

Lastly, invest in a bookstand that holds up your cookbooks. Having an open cookbook in your kitchen gives it such a home and welcoming feel. 

When you organize your kitchen, you'll see how much nicer it is to go there, cook meals and as a bonus save your money, time and stress. Try this project this month and see how much easier your month will go.

Mirley xo