Hey Mirley, so...what do you eat?

All my life I've been asked this question, "Hey Mirley, so...what do you eat?" It's mind boggling to some people that I grew up not eating meat! My parents are vegetarians and my maternal grandparents were vegetarians too! This makes me a 3rd generation vegetarian!

My family always believed in health and nutrition. They make foods from scratch. Eating out was only left for special occasions like Mother's Day and birthdays. 

Even then, we ate vegetarian food. It was never something that was difficult for our family because we grew up that way. The idea of not getting enough protein was never a factor because we were all very healthy and active. 

That said, I have definitely incorporated new styles of eating that are different from when I grew up. However, the concept is still the same. Eat clean, eat fresh. 

I do eat out more often than when I was growing up but I still make a point of choosing healthier restaurants and healthier meals.

In the graph below, I've made a sample daily meal plan of how I eat on a regular basis.

Being a vegetarian isn't difficult, especially in our society.