Ingredients that should not be in your beauty products

As I got more and more into health and wellness, I learned that it was not only important to eat healthy but to be mindful of what we put on our bodies. It started off with learning about parabens. One day many companies were promoting themselves as an anti-paraben company. I wasn't sure what a paraben was so I did a little research. Turns about parabens may be a hormone disruptor, which can be found in our beauty products and food!

As a result, I decided to use more natural beauty products. Products that were safe and effective. As I was learning, it turns out that there were other ingredients that we need to avoid like fragrance and parfum. Now, I personally new that I needed to avoid any products with that mysterious ingredient because there was always a high chance that I was going to get a headache as a result. 

As I learned more, it turns out that there are many ingredients that shouldn't be in your beauty products. Many of the names are extremely complicated to remember and pronounce. Plus it's really hard to remember which ingredients to avoid! After all, synthetic but safe ingredients also have complicated names. 

Thankfully, when I joined Beautycounter, they have an amazing Never List. There company makes a point to not use harmful ingredients and are always testing and researching safe ingredients to use in their beauty products. This makes it so much easier to shop with them because you don't have to read the labels anymore! 

In the picture below are just some of the ingredients that you should avoid in your beauty products. 

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