Yuca (Cassava) for Inner Beauty

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Yuca are a popular food in South America. I grew up eating and just love it. It has so much fiber you can actually feel it with your tongue. It's soft when boiled, crunch when baked and fried. It has comfort food feeling to it too. 

How does yuca benefit my health?

  • Improve circulation
  • Helps digetstion
  • Decreases birth defects
  • Great for muscle growth and development

Who should consume yuca?

  • Everybody can benefit from avocados unless you're allergic
  • Suffer from poor blood circulation
  • Anyone with high blood pressure

How will yuca improve my skin?

  • Healthy blood circulation helps one to look healthier and more vibrant

What are the best ways to consume yuca?

  • You can bake it, season it and eat it like french fries.
  • You can fry it, season it like french fries.
  • You can boil it. 
  • It's typically consumed with mean containing black or red beans. 

In the comments below, let me know how you use avocados. If you don't consume avocados, do you plan on doing so now? Let me know! 


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