We can learn so much about Natural Beauty from Nature


I love to take nature walks and hikes. It really depends on where I'm living.

Like when I lived in California, I mostly did natural walks and some hikes. The hikes I did weren't that intense. When I visit Washington State, I love to take nature walks. Their like hikes because you're in the forest but it's not that strenuous. When I lived in Hawaii, I did legitimate hikes. We went up hill, downhill and it was a lot of fun. I'm now living in Virginia and I haven't found any real hikes. Just beautiful nature walks. 

Regardless of what you do hikes or nature walks, you will always learn something about nature. Nature tends to evolve in three different ways, I have come to discover.

Posh Beauty Nature

This type of nature is the type that needs to be maintained. This is the type that we see in gardens and people's yards. This type of nature requires lots of maintenance in order to stay alive and to be beautiful. 

Like nature I see a lot of us women become like these beautiful gardens. Very made up and always looking perfect. I like to get all dolled up when I go out with husband to an event. However, it's not always sustainable for me. I'm busy and doing too much in the morning slows me down. 

It's great to get dolled up for special occasions. In fact, it's a good thing to do. However, don't feel the pressure to always look perfect. We have a lot on our plates and those moments are best to keep 

Everyday Beauty

The everyday beauty is like the spring blossoms. These are the wildflowers that grow in the country hillsides. They are beautiful. All they require is some good weather, water, good soil and sunlight. They are beautiful without a lot of maintenance and yet are still resilient. 

In many ways we can be like the everyday beauty of nature. However, even though it's a very natural look, it's not a neglected look. The everyday beauty eats whole foods, gets adequate amounts of sleep, exercises and uses safer skincare that brings out her natural glow. She showers everyday, brushes her teeth and makes herself a priority so that she can give the best version of herself to her family and friends.

Neglected Beauty

Every now and then, I'll drive by a field that looks like has been neglected. This field looks dry with lots of weeds. There's no color and it hasn't been given water in what looks like months! It looks tired and in need of a good makeover by a landscapers. 

Every now and then, we can become like the neglected beauty. We might not be getting enough sleep, we may not be exercising and eating well. All of these circumstances and or choices affect our look and glow. At this point we are not giving our bodies love and respect. Sometimes it's out of our control and other times it's because we're putting too much on our plates. 

We should only have neglected beauty moments. These moments are due to circumstances that may be bigger than us. However, there are still somethings that we can do to help ourselves look more presentable. We can eat healthy, we can take showers, we can exercise or go on walks. Neglecting ourselves isn't the answer. We want Grace NOT Perfection in our lives but we also want to Respect Our Bodies. 

Even during difficult times we can do this. 

EveryGirl Takes Action

Now it's your turn. What have you learned from nature? Have you every seen how we and nature are similar? How do you compare with the nature beauties I described?

Mirley xo