What is Natural Beauty?

All my life, I have admired natural beauty. The type of beauty that is real, honest and simple. I have always tried to embrace natural beauty in my own life. 

Here is how I define natural beauty:

Natural Beauty: honest, graceful and timeless. 

Natural beauty does not meal not taken care of, abandoned or trendy. It's a type of beauty that lasts forever. 

Over the centuries, we've seen time and time again fashions come and go. Even the definition of a hot body changes. What was seen as beautiful in the 1920s for women is very different in the 2010's. 

We really need to be careful as to what trends to follow and really be true to our femininity so that we can have that timeless beauty.

So what do we have to do to have timeless beauty? Well here are 5 of my suggestions:

  1. Use Toxic Free Skin Care: The use of skin care is something that starts for most women in their teens, when they begin to breakout. We immediately go and purchase the skin care that all of our friends are using and the one that the commercials says work. Instead of using toxic skin care that actually creates more harm to our skin like dryness, use skin care without toxic chemicals and that nourishes your skin.

  2. Wear Light Makeup: Make up trends change over the years. However, one trend that never goes away is wearing a natural subtle look. It looks great in all your pictures and in real life too! Remember to wear makeup that is also toxic free so that your skin may benefit from it.

  3. Eat Clean Leafy Greens: We all know that eating healthy is something we should do. But did you know that the foods you eat actually impact the way your skin and hair looks too?! Not only that, it impacts your energy as well. Including more fruits and veggies will bring our energy up and make our skin glow.

  4. Exercise: If you want a feminine body that is timeless, choose an exercise that will help you get there like: barre, yoga, Zumba and strength training with high reps. These types of workouts will help you get a lean, long body that is feminine and graceful.

  5. Wear a Dress: That's right, wear a dress. Since the 1970s, women have worn more and more pants. Don't get me wrong, I wear pants and I do believe they have their place. However, pants tend to restrain us and make ups feel uncomfortable no matter how thin you are. Wearing a dress will help display your body in a beautiful way without being judgmental of the foods you eat.

So there are my suggestions to brining out your natural beauty. Your natural beauty is timeless. Don't hide it! Embrace it! 

Your Natural Beauty Coach,