How to lose weight the healthy way

A number of years ago I learned about a woman who wanted to feel confident and beautiful. She went through a procedure to shrink her stomach and a couple of years later do the mommy makeover (tummy tuck and boob job). Sadly, five days after her second procedure she passed away from a blood clot.

While not all women who undergo the Mommy Makeovers have this fatal outcome, the risk still exists. The pressure of looking "perfect" so we can feel beautiful is so intense that many of us are willing taking shortcuts without taking the risks into consideration.

Healthy looks different on everybody. It even looks different during different stages of our lives. My healthy body now does not look the same or even weigh the same as my healthy body from 10 years ago or even 5 years ago. Our body's healthy weight changes over the years. With that change comes a different perspective on how we love our bodies. We cannot realistically expect our bodies to be the same throughout our lives because it does change through the years. I believe we must strive for better health and appreciation of our bodies and NOT try and look "perfect".

We must remember that our actions are also teaching our children what the standard of beauty is. We must first accept where we are in our health journey. If we feel the need to change it, we must do it in a healthy way. This means by eating healthy daily, exercising, practicing self-love and speaking kindly to ourselves.

Rather than feel that we must alter our bodies let's embrace a new kind of beauty standard. A natural beauty standard that is different for everyone. Remember, healthy looks different on everyone. This even changed me and made me realize the pressure that we put on ourselves to be a certain size quickly is ridiculous. Taking short-cuts isn't the answer. We must make positive changes while embracing our natural beauty and body shape.