Why I HATE Diets

Hi Friend!

Do you love to eat? I mean seriously...do you love to eat?

I honestly do. It's so relaxing to sit down and eat my meal. It's honestly one of my most relaxing times of the day! I love to sit down and either hear the wind outside, have a conversation with my husband or whomever I'm hanging out with and just taste the food. Eating, is a pleasurable moment but somewhere in history we lost touch with the yumminess of food. We made it bad and then we gave it bad labels. 

Dieting is actually what I believe what made eating so stressful for many in our society. I don’t believe in diets and they are not my thing. In fact, dieting actually makes you gain weight! Here is why...


I'm just going to call the day before starting a diet, Fat Tuesday like the holiday before Ash Wednesday, when people binge on their favorite foods or bad habits before they give it up for 40 days.

The day before a diet begins is very similar to Fat Tuesday. People binge on their favorite foods before they are forced to give them up causing them to deprive themselves even more.


Not eating our favorite foods, whether it be ice cream, donuts, fries, pasta or whatever, actually causes us to crave those foods even more! Suddenly eating our favorite foods becomes a "sin" and we feel like we need to sneak these foods in and furthermore, we feel guilty for eating them! Whoever said food is supposed to make you feel guilty!


Yes this is true! That fact of the matter is that after having been deprived of our favorite foods, the first thing to do after completing a diet is go straight to those forbidden foods and binge on them. This causes seriously damage to your metabolism. Now your metabolism is starving for food for weeks and then suddenly it's fed HUGE amounts of low quality food! Our metabolism does not like extremes.

In conclusion, diets are seriously not something you ever want to adopt or fall into. No matter which of your favorite celebrities is doing that one diet that gave her great results. We've all seen the evidence of these celebrities bouncing up and down when they're on and off a diet. It's not healthy and it's not worth it.

So let me know in the comments below, what are your frustrations with diets?