Beware of Parfum & Fragrance

Have you guys seen the ingredients fragrance or parfum in your skincare, makeup, haircare, body care products? These ingredients are one in the same...except that they are also mystery ingredients and no one really knows wha they are except that they are a blend of chemicals put together in a lab to mimic the smell of a natural element. 

So instead of using essential oils, which are directly derived from plants, companies will use fragrance or parfum because it's less expensive. Even some of the most "natural", "organic", products will still contain fragrance or parfum because those labels don't mean all ingredients are natural or organic but just some. 

Fragrance and parfum are known to be disruptive to your hormones and may give you allergic reactions. The chemical blend to make such fragrance or parfum is unknown and varies from company to company. Even if the label says "natural fragrance", very little is known about what ingredients create the "natural fragrance" blend. Is it essential oils or is the blend mimicking a natural scent?

Fragrances or parfums are not tested for safety. I personally get horrible headaches if the smell of the fragrance or parfum is too strong...even if the smell is pretty. 

When looking at the ingredients of your favorite products make sure that they are using essential oils. Essential oils have many benefits when applying topically and into your hair. They are diluted and blended to create quality hair products, skincare, body care products. 

All of the ingredients should be disclosed and not hidden under the words fragrance or parfum. 

I know that sometimes we turn a blind eye because we want the product to work. But even if it does work, you might get a side effect that could have been avoided if one had just done more research. 

I challenge you this weekend to go through all your products and remove products containing fragrance and parfum and notice what differences you may experience as a result.