5 Steps to Optimum Meal Planning

Recently, I've been doing a good job planning out my meals. I mean I've been planning out my meals for a while but my grocery list and my meal plans didn't always match. I would either add too much food or not include all the ingredients I needed to make a meal. 

Being sloppy when meal planning can actually become expensive. This is why it's so good to have a system in place when meal planning.

  1. Have a meal planning calendar: I purchased a white board meal planning week calendar. I love this calendar because it allows me to see what I plan to eat for each meal the whole week. This allows me to make a good grocery list that matches what I have planned for the week. 
  2. Fill out your calendar with recipes from 3 to 5 cook books. Don't worry if you eat very similarly every week. I do too. 
  3. Write down all of the ingredients you need based on your calendar. Try not to astray. Write down everything you plan to eat and then purchase all of the foods needed. Next, go to you cupboards and see if there's anything you're running out of and add it to your grocery list. 
  4. Go shopping on your own. You can very well go shopping on your own and purchase everything you have on that list. Try not to go astray. 
  5. Have someone else go shopping for you. I personally don't go grocery shopping anymore. Really because I have two little girls and it's very difficult to go to the store with them. I order food through Amazon Prime and or Shipt. I love purchasing my weekly groceries through them because I save money. I save money because my eyes aren't wandering. It's the best way to purchase food in my opinion. 

Once you create this habit of meal planning, making a grocery list and going grocery shopping, you will see how much easier it is to eat healthy, purchase quality food, and save money.