The EveryGirl Journal is a health and wellness magazine delivered to your inbox for free every month! It is committed to bring you articles on grace not perfection, eat for beauty, respect your body, move your body and age gracefully. The magazine will also include monthly recipes, workouts and natural beauty tips.

"My goal in creating this magazine is to help women love their natural beauty and make wise choices in regards to their health and wellness. I will share content from experts that is so meaningful that you keep these issues and return to them again and again.
Each time a new issue comes out, I want you to set aside time for yourself. I want each article and recipe to make you feel inspired, confident and beautiful. 
The EveryGirl Journal is a magazine designed to empower your inner wisdom."



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Are you an EveryGirl with a story to tell? Are you an EveryGirl with an empowering program? The EveryGirl Journal focuses on 5 Principles:

  1. Grace Not Perfection: Grace not perfection is about getting things done and leaving some things messy. We can't be perfect and striving for perfection only causes stress. Staying organized, planning can help one do what needs to be done, yet still allow for discrepancies in the day. 
  2. Eat for Beauty: I don't believe in counting calories. It's a total waste of time and absolutely stressful. I believe in eating nutritious whole foods that nourish the body and give me glowing skin. I believe in listening to my tummy for when I'm hungry and full. I DON'T believe in diets!
  3. Respect Your Body: Respecting your body includes exercising, sleeping, staying grounded, drinking water, getting the right amount of sleep, using safer skincare and eating the rainbow. When you respect your body, your skin will glow and you will feel more confident, calm, beautiful and happy.
  4. Move Your Body: We can't forget to exercise. Exercise is a great way to detox our body as well as gain strength and muscle tone. It also helps one relax and enjoy the day.
  5. Age Gracefully: We don't have to go under the needle to look beautiful. Using clean, safe skincare along with healthy lifestyle and eating habits will allow us to look beautiful at every age.

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