Who am I and what I do

My name is Mirley (meer - lay) and I'm a Natural Beauty Coach. I help women in all season of life to live with Grace Not  Perfection, Eat for Beauty, Respect their Bodies, Move their Bodies and Age Gracefully.

Who is this for?

The Natural Beauty Method is for women who want to age gracefully, eat healthy, be confident, strong and feminine. 

What are your principles?

  1. I believe in Grace Not Perfection: Grace not perfection is about getting things done and leaving some things messy. We can't be perfect and striving for perfection only causes stress. Staying organized, planning can help one do what needs to be done, yet still allow for discrepancies in the day.  
  2. I believe in Eating for Beauty: I don't believe in counting calories. It's a total waste of time and absolutely stressful. I believe in eating nutritious whole foods that nourish the body and give me glowing skin. I believe in listening to my tummy for when I'm hungry and full. I DON'T believe in diets! 
  3. I believe in Respecting Your Body: Respecting your body includes exercising, sleeping, staying grounded, drinking water, getting the right amount of sleep, using safer skincare and eating the rainbow. When you respect your body, your skin will glow and you will feel more confident, calm, beautiful and happy.
  4. I believe in Moving My Body: We can't forget to exercise. Exercise is a great way to detox our body as well as gain strength and muscle tone. It also helps one relax and enjoy the day.
  5. I believe in Aging Gracefully: We don't have to go under the needle to look beautiful. Using clean, safe skincare along with healthy lifestyle and eating habits will allow us to look beautiful at every age.

How it works

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What to do next

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Official bio...

Mirley Guerra Graf is a Natural Beauty Coach. She helps women reach their Authentic Health by teaching them to eat and exercise for unique shape, so they can feel confident and beautiful.

She is passionate about helping women transform their relationship with their body, feel confident in their natural beauty so they value themselves.  

Mirley has been coach women in health and fitness for 5 years. Three years as a personal trainer and two years as a  tennis coach. She is also a credentialed Social Studies Teacher in the state of California and has a B.A. in history with a minor in Economics and a M.A. in Bilingual and Multicultural Education.

Mirley xo